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We are sincerely glad to welcome you to the website of an innovative platform for investment and earnings from Invex Chain Ltd, a British company that has gained enough positive experience in working with financial assets and opens the door to the wonderful world of affordable investments.

We have developed our own trading system that does not involve high risks. This trade activity is intraday only. Therefore, we avoid financial losses, control the movement of exchange rate differences and we always use stop-loss and take-profit levels when trading.

It is quite difficult for very many people to understand the mechanics of a multi-currency market and we strongly recommend saving your assets and trusting real experts - this will save your time at least, it is better to spend this time for family and people close to you while your money is working.

Invex Chain seeks to conquer the market - we can say it with no exaggeration. Definitely, it's time to start a great trade with larger deposits. This will make us more mobile in the Forex market, will further reduce the risk of trading losses and of course will significantly increase our (and also yours) profits. The team of Invex Chain offers the best conditions for investment. Everyone, wherever he lived, and no matter what the social status he has, can become our client, if he has in his pocket at least 25$. Choose the convenient way to invest. Invex Chain Limited works with the most common payment processors. All operations within the framework of financial project are automatic, so you don't have to wait long until your deposit will be added! All our investment plans are well thought out and have optimal terms. Make money quickly and safely here, regardless of the chosen investment strategy - we are fully responsible for the safety of your assets and will be overly grateful for the trust you place in us! In any case, return of your principal and net income are guaranteed. The company's traders have chosen a multicurrency exchange to conduct profitable activity, and since the 2000’s our team has been gradually developing this model of behavior in the sphere of financial transactions. The trade department together with marketing specialists developed a unique system of win-win participation in intraday trading. This means that we control currency fluctuations and at any time can stop trading, take a small loss or bring maximum profit. Excellent understanding of market processes and trading mechanisms favorably distinguish our team among other popular Forex traders.

The company’s financial management repeatedly shows maximum ingenuity to form the most profitable behavior strategy in the market - as a result, we can make a profit in the long term, planning our activities for several years ahead. This method of work is conditioned by certain rules that reduce risk and conduct conservative intraday trading. In January 2019, Invex Chain Limited has been officially added to the registry of active trading companies in the United Kingdom and is listed by Companies House. The company's office is open to visit and meeting our traders during regular business hours after prior phone call. The convenience and anonymity of investments are secured by automatic operation of payment processors to make deposits and withdraw regular profits. You can use any popular method that can be preferred for you, classic electronic currency such as Perfect Money, Payeer and cryptocurrencies as well. All deposit processes are instant, this sets us against dozens of similar offers and makes our proposal more attractive. However, for maximum security of your financial assets, we consider withdrawal requests within 12 hours, on average it's 8 hours and faster - you do not have to worry about anything, our technical experts do everything quickly and responsibly! We guarantee every client not just a steady income, but also the complete anonymity of his investments. Join now and start earning the following day after your deposit. Make your first confident step with Invex Chain Limited!

Trading on the financial markets, like any serious business is based on applying a set of trading methods, the most common Forex strategy. In trading practice, there are many strategies described and have become classics. However, Invex Chain experienced traders have own set of defining Forex trading strategies depending on the situation. A distinctive feature of our traders is its own set of strategies and their regular application to succeed.

Invex Chain Forex trading strategy depends on many factors. There can be the type of financial asset, the size of the managed deposits, time horizon, and the psychological aspects of the trader and his personal perception of risk. To be successful and receive regular profits from trade investor, you must create your own Forex trading strategies, test it, and last but not least, regularly used. Our strategy is a set of rules for conduct of transactions. These rules are drawn up by trader’s team, were tested and applied regularly. A set of trading strategies saves from excessive stress from uncertainty, from hasty decisions that could harm the deposit. Such strategy is not only helping the trader to reach the market at the right time and the right place, but also helps to close the position in time with maximum or planned profit.



1. The most transparent work of the investment platform - you are tracking profits in real time and can withdraw it at any convenient time!

2. Legal work of the company in the international financial markets, official registration and a package of necessary permits to conduct activities.

3. A team of professional managers with sufficient experience in trading without significant drawdowns or losses in the Forex market.

4. Quite high profit rates, which are gained daily or after the end of the investment period at the preference of the client.

5. The best conditions for partners from around the world with the possibility of additional income in the form of referral commissions!


Our main trading principles

Trading strategy of Invex Chain Limited not only includes strict rules for trading. At the same time it is flexible and adaptive to changing market conditions, which is a not a rigid scheme, but almost a living organism. In general, our Forex trading strategy contains following factors:

- A set of stable and safe trading tools.

- Technical and fundamental methods of analysis.

- Intraday time trading range.

- Rules to basically work with the trend and rarely against.

- The use of figures of the technical analysis and candlestick analysis.


In addition to favorable investment conditions, Invex Chain Limited has an excellent affiliate program. If you are an active person and strive to earn as much as possible, then use your referral link to search and attract new investors of company – earn 7% from each their deposit!

Welcome to the modern company with profitable investments. We are absolutely sure that this proposal is just for you! Invex Chain Limited – join right now!


Company name: Invex Chain Limited

Company Number: 11776122

Company page: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/11776122

Registered office: 3 London Bridge Street, London SE1 9SG, United Kingdom

Phone number: +442038076395

Contact email: support@invexchain.com


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Affiliate Program

Despite the favorable offer for investors, the company also took care of the earnings for partners and active users who attract investments. This allows you to get 7% fair commission on each deposit of your referral!
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